Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's been fun...

Well friends, I've decided that I've found my euphoria and will no longer be updating this blog.
Instead, I'm starting a new one called See Bree Be Free.
It will be more focused on photography/art, music, food and whatever else inspires me. I plan to be much better at keeping it updated! So hop on over to my new site and follow my journey through life.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Metro Project

Concorde by Bree Sage
Concorde, a photo by Bree Sage on Flickr.

I'm continually entertained by the metro culture in Paris, especially after having grown up in a town where everyone rides horses down the streets. Thus, I've decided to do a photo documentary on the Parisian metro.
I hope to capture the essence of the underground city.
Here's the beginning of what I have so far...

Musical Metro

Les Liaisions dangereuses

Going Up

Faire une pause

The Search for the Navigo

Don't Fall

(As always, let me know what you think!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before He Shit His Pants

Before He Shit His Pants by Bree Sage
Before He Shit His Pants, a photo by Bree Sage on Flickr.
Experimenting with my Diana F+ Instant Back. After I took this photo of Valerian, he shit his pants something awful. Thus the title of the photo.

Monday, February 13, 2012

On to the Diana F Instant Back

Last night Romain and I celebrated Happy Non-Valentines Day.
He prepared an amazing dinner with a sort of root vegetable cut into diamond shapes and cooked in butter, along with a fish and ham dish. (Who knew these two meats would be so delicious together?! Oh, that's right.. The French.) I have no idea what the root vegetable is called, but it's similar to potatoes and looks a bit like carrots.
Note to self: Ask Romain.
Then to top it off, he surprised me with a present. The Diana F Instant Back with two rolls of film. (Clearly I have the best boyfriend ever.) Not only can I shoot 120 mm film and 34mm film with my Diana but now I can do the Instax Mini Film too! (For those of you who don't know, this is similar to Polaroid film.)
So this morning I went and bought the needed 2 CR2 batteries and began the experimentation. Photo One and Two turned out black. After figuring out what I was doing wrong, photo three turned out but with an unwanted circle frame. Which means I must have put in the adaptor piece backwards. Leave it to me to do something of the sort... But I was happy to see an image magically appear after taking it anyway. Unfortunately I can't take the film out to fix the lens adaptor until all 10 pictures have been taken... Thus, the remaining photos will all have that circle frame, cropping out half of the photo.  However, this just means that I can practice on figuring out the right developing method. I took a picture of each of the kids and it was funny to see their reactions. In this digital era, the kids had no idea what Polaroid film was. After taking their pictures and seeing the film come out the side of the camera, they all wanted to know what it was.
"It's the picture I just took of you."
"But it's white."
"That's because it needs a few minutes to develop."
Which only amazed them as they watched the image slowly appear. Afterwards they kept asking if they could see their picture again. Even Alex, the 13 year old who's main interest lies in Star Wars, was intrigued by my camera and was asking me all sorts of questions. It's great to be able to introduce them to something that they've never seen before. Something for me that brings back such euphoric childhood memories. Grandma Cook would get out her old Polaroid and take pictures of us grand kids. The gratification of instant film.  Good times.
And because I'm a strong believer in no film being wasted, I did a little project with the kids photos. I painted a small canvas and used acrylic paste to attach the photos to the canvas. Et voila! The perfect Valentines gift for the family!
Hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Laduree by Bree Sage
Laduree, a photo by Bree Sage on Flickr.

Street Photography in Paris.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beaucoup de nuages

Beaucoup de nuages by Bree Sage
Beaucoup de nuages, a photo by Bree Sage on Flickr.

My first roll of film from my Diana F.
Check out more photos from my flickr page!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Winter Project


I'm sad that I didn't come up with this idea! Gloves with a shutter finger hole so you can take pictures.. genius! This should keep me busy for the next month! So excited to make these!